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We're moving to 565 W Clay beginning August 2018

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We're a small shop in Valley Center Kansas

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We are a dealer and manufacturer in Valley Center, Kansas. We have a class 01 and class 06 federal firearms licenses. This means we can provide firearm transfers, manufacture ammunition and sell reloading equipment to fellow enthusiasts. We can also special order any firearm or related product and have it delivered to the shop, at competitive prices!

We currently have a few handguns in stock that are offered in the online shop, and are for sale. They can be picked up at the shop. 

As NRA certified instructors we will be offering training for everything from reloading, home safety, basic pistol and more. We are also Kansas CCH certified instructors and will be offering KS CCH training as soon as we have a range to work with. 

Wonderful things are happening with the company.

Coming events

Upcoming Training:

  • We'll post a new seminar for July Soon
  • KS CCL License - Next course in August - Valley Center

We are currently confirmed and  will be attending the following gun shows:

  • July 7, 8 - Expo Center - Topeka  KS
  • July 14. 15 - RK Shows Century II - Wichita KS
  • July 21, 22 - RK Shows  - Overland Park, KS

Re-manufactured Ammunition

Our re-manufactured ammunition built to the highest standards using quality components. All ammunition and brass go through multiple inspection points to insure reliable operation.

New ammunition

Make Your Mark Munitions brand new ammunition is crafted using premium, unused components. These are our flagship products. New ammunition is the highest quality ammunition we offer, and is suitable for all of your training, practice, and defensive needs. Try some out, you wont be disappointed!

Contract custom re-loading services

We are temporarily suspending custom reloading. Our normal production has kept us very busy and we have not been able to keep up with special orders. 

Bring us your brass and we can save you money by loading it for you. It can save $20 per thousand or more depending on the specific components needs to meet your requirements. Factors that can change the price include powder and projectile type. We will provide powder, projectiles and primers at reduced prices. We can currently load 9mm, .38 SPL, .40SW, .45 ACP and .223.

We also provide boutique style reloading to an expanding number of calibers. This service is in essence hand loading to specification and therefore is a bit more expensive. Give us your specification and we'll work up a quote for you.

About our Ammunition

We build a complete product line ammunition variations based on your needs. Each caliber we bring to the market  we try have a full range of cost effective options. The basic TMJ version for learning and practice based on re-manufactured brass and plated TMJ bullets through to our defense line of top quality hollow point bullets in new brass. The Defensive carry version is built using the very best hollow point bullets on new nickel brass with sealed primers to endure the toughest environment of your pocket, rain and slugging through the forest while hunting.

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 Valley Center shooting sports dealer & manufacturer serving the greater Wichita and Valley Center area we provide  Ammunition, reloading supplies, and ammunition manufacturing.  We have over $20 million worth of inventory in our online gun store!  We can also provide custom reloading in Valley Center to customer specifications.   Make Your Mark Munitions LLC in Valley Center love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours. 

Make Your Mark Munitions LLC

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