Basic Guides

Bullet Types Explained


  • TMJ- Total Metal Jacket- Completely covered bullet, usually electroplated with copper, with no exposed lead. 
  • FMJ- Full Metal Jacket- Usually has an exposed lead base, with a thicker jacket around the core. 
  • JHP- Jacketed Hollow Point- Has a hollow point that expands upon contact, and is partially jacketed.
  • FP-Flat point- These bullets have a flat point that that help them feed well in automatic pistols. They punch clean holes in targets, making them ideal for target practice. 
  • RN-Round Nose- These are the standard, rounded tip rounds. They have good ballistic characteristics.



The differences are subtle, and have confused many shooters. In short, the plating on TMJ bullets is thinner than on FMJ, and completely covers the core with no exposed lead. This reduces lead content in the air when firing indoors, which is why we recommend these for indoor practice. 

The TMJ bullet is normally cast  while the FMJ is sagged making the FMJ slightly more consistent in weight and diameter. The FMJ costs a little bit more to purchase which translates to a slight higher ammunition cost. We recommend these to everyone who desires a degree of precision in their shoorting